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King of Cups

Tarocchino di Bologna (Giuseppe Maria Mitelli 1660): King of Cups

Cups are also referred to as chalices and may be represented by religious grails or goblets. They correspond to the playing card suit of Hearts. This suit represents the element Water, and the social class of Clergy. Cups are considered a Feminine suit. Cups typically represent emotions, love, and spiritual beliefs.

The Kings typically concern men: fathers, brothers, or male friends. They may represent maturity, social, political and economic power, strength and intellect, and kind-hearted fatherly benevolence.

Emotional balance and control. Generosity.

The King of Cups is a man who is all heart. The king of cups card usually depicts a mature man who appreciates the finer things in life such as music and art. He can be warm-hearted and kind. He may be associated with art or law. It may also represent a man who is favourably disposed towards the questioner or, in a more abstract sense, refer to the arts and sciences or any sphere which involves creative intelligence. The king of cups can be a wonderful guide and mentor as he is usually a giver of unselfish aid, albeit one who is easily angered. He cares about others sincerely and always responds to their needs with compassion. He heals with a gentle touch and a quiet word. He is usually tolerant of all points of view and shows patience in the most trying of circumstances. The king of cups believes in using diplomacy rather than force, but can be tiresomely devious if you cross him, as he is usually big on emotionality. The king of cups almost always represents a good mentor for a questioner who is actively involved in the creative arts.

Reversed Meaning: Emotional manipulation. Moodiness. Volatility.

This card warns against an apparently benevolent companion, father figure, or partner, who is in fact controlling, manipulative, and easily angered.

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