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The Pope on the Throne

Tarocchino di Bologna (Giuseppe Maria Mitelli 1660): The Pope on the Throne

Education. Knowledge. Status quo. Institution. Conservatism. Discipline. Maturity. Formality. Deception. Power. Respect. Duality. Social convention. Belief system. Group identification. Experience. Tradition. Naïve. Religion. Conformity. Tradition. Beliefs.

The Hierophant is also known in some decks as The High Priest, or The Pope. He represents traditional education, orthodox knowledge and theology, and religion. In his positive aspect, he is a benevolent teacher, possibly of holy knowledge, and a moral advisor who prepares the questioner spiritually for life. He may be an enlightened spiritual prophet, or an intermediary with the divine. He is a conservative force, and may advise the questioner to do the right thing, to stick with what is tried and tested, and to have faith.

Reversed Meaning: Restriction. Challenging the status quo.

This card may represent the negative aspects of religion, namely, stagnation and orthodoxy, religious brutality, zealotism and spiritual control. It may also represent an escape from these things, or an individual who stands in opposition to the status quo, or an attempt to challenge conservatism. It may even represent someone who gives flawed knowledge or unorthodox teachings, or a cult leader.

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