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About The Mandala Spread

The Mandala spread is a spread of nine cards or runes laid out in a diamond pattern. It's an introspective spread used by the questioner to gain insight into his or her own self.

The cards or runes represent: an overview of the self, the needs and wants of the questioner, the desires and goals of the questioner, the questioner's real achievements at this time, the questioner's unhealthy dependencies and faulty beliefs, the questioner's strengths and positive traits, the questioner's faults and weaknesses, the questioner's self-awareness or self-perception, and the questioner's higher purpose in life.

Understanding yourself and gaining self-awareness can be a complicated, gradual process. How the questioner chooses to interpret their reading will help to give them insight into aspects of his or her self, and set them on a path to greater self-awareness.

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