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Nine of Coins

Tarocchino di Bologna (Giuseppe Maria Mitelli 1660): Nine of Coins

Coins are also referred to as pentacles and may be represented by a five pointed star in a circle, or a coin decorated with a five pointed star. They correspond to the playing card suit of Diamonds. This suit represents the element Earth, and the social class of Merchants. Coins are considered a Feminine suit. Coins typically represent material wealth and possessions, the body and health, and the environment of the questioner.

The Nines typically concern completion, perfection, the end of a cycle, independence, self-reliance, inner strength, and satisfaction. Nines can also represent defensiveness, an inability to give and take, loss, and martyrdom.

Gratitude. Luxury. Self-sufficiency. Culmination.

The Nine of Coins means having financial independence and success, having the self-reliance of personal pursuits, and the ability to treat yourself with luxury. Being on a stable financial plateau and steady security.

Reversed Meaning: Over-investment in work. Financial setbacks.

This card can mean excess spending, being co-dependent on your financial situation or on others, to feel lonely in your personal pursuits, to feel inadequate financially, to have everything money can buy but yet still feeling impoverished emotionally and spiritually. The advice of the card is to look within the root of your existing problems and focus on what will make you feel complete and secure, yet to learn and grow along the way.

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