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Six of Wands

Tarocchino di Bologna (Giuseppe Maria Mitelli 1660): Six of Wands

Wands are also referred to as Staves, Staffs, or Batons. They correspond to the playing card suit of Clubs, and many early tarot decks depict this suit as wooden clubs. This suit represents the element Fire, and the social class of Peasantry. Wands are considered a Masculine suit. Wands typically represent creative or entrepreneurial projects, information, travel, and will - whether it be free will, or strength of willpower.

The Sixes typically concern choice, gratification, completion, good news, success in struggle or conflict, reward, recognition, triumph, innocence, nostalgia, solutions, movement away from danger, and passage from pain. Sixes may also represent desire and envy.

Public recognition. Victory. Progress. Self-confidence. Completion. Good news. Reward. Recognition. Success. Triumph.

Achieving organization and leadership. Galvanisation or mobilisation, of forces. This can be metaphorical, such as the forces within. Looking forward. Success, confidence and competency.

Reversed Meaning: Egotism. Disrepute. Lack of confidence. Fall from grace.

This card warns against either overconfidence and arrogance, or a lack of confidence and fear in creative projects or business.