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The Young Emperor

Tarocchino di Bologna (Giuseppe Maria Mitelli 1660): The Young Emperor

Youth. Fertility. Sexuality. Abundance. Material prosperity. Pleasure. Comfort. Power. Nature. Delight. Desire. Physical attraction. Health. Sensuality. Satisfaction.

The Young Emperor represents a youth who is new to power. He represents creativity, romance, art, or business. He may represent the germination of an idea. The Young Emperor has come to power in the wake of his father's death. He has much to learn and though he mourns his father, he also celebrates his coming of age and the prosperity and power he has gained. He is a symbol of a new era after a period of decay and dying power. He may represent the chaotic nature of the life force itself, the uncontrollable aspect of nature, or refer to a male object of desire.

Reversed Meaning: Creative block. Dependence on others. Impotence.

This card may represent difficulties in ruling one's life. It may indicate a creative block, impotence and barrenness, dependence on others, or a domineering, suffocating figure of power who has yet to learn temperance in his role. He represents advice to the questioner to rise to the challenge and work to overcome these difficulties.