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About The Spiritual Spread

The spiritual spread is a three card or rune spread representing the mind, body, and spirit. It is used to help the questioner discover new self-awareness of their situation, their physical and environmental needs, and their internal emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs.

The mind is the realm of thought and decisions, intellectual analysis, the stream of conscious awareness, and the seat of emotions. The mind should be rational, but can sometimes deceive us.

The body is the physical realm of existence in the world, it includes the questioner's physical health, diet, exercise, environment, and mode of being in the world.

The spirit is the realm of unconscious and unspoken wants and desires. It is tied to the questioner's true fate, and their higher purpose in life. Negative patterns in mind and body can adversely affect the spirit.

Mind, body, and spirit must always remain in balance. The questioner should cater to their spirit's needs, but not at the expense of mind and body, and vice versa. If an aspect of the questioner is out of balance, the spiritual spread will help to give them insight into this and resolve their issues.

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