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The Pope in Waiting

Tarocchino di Bologna (Giuseppe Maria Mitelli 1660): The Pope in Waiting

Knowingness. Wisdom. Sound judgment. Serenity. Common sense. Intuition. Mystical vision. Introspection. Otherworldliness. Higher powers. Mystery. Subconscious mind.

The Pope in Waiting is an extremely well-learned, intelligent man. He is independent, wise, and serene. He is sensible and intuitive. Because a new pope is not chosen until after the old pope dies, The Pope in Waiting does not know his destiny. He is pious, modest, and hopeful. This card often appears in relation to secrets, both keeping secrets, and revealing the truth. It may represent a perfect man, or a fatherly figure devoted to learning and spirituality.

Reversed Meaning: Hidden agendas. Need to listen to inner voice.

This card can represent hidden agendas or warn the questioner that they need to listen to their inner voice.