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Eight of Ink Stamps

Book of Trades Tarot (Jost Amman 1588): Eight of Ink Stamps

For the purposes of this divination, the suit of Ink Stamps corresponds to the suit of Wands, or the playing card suit of Clubs. This suit represents the element Fire, and the social class of Peasantry. Ink Stamps are considered a Masculine suit. Ink Stamps typically represent creative or entrepreneurial projects, information, travel, and will - whether it be free will, or strength of willpower.

The Eights typically concern solidity, thick walls, skill, patience, achievement, change, and future contentment. Eights may also concern being enmeshed in the material world, trapped, caught between a rock and a hard place, revolution, travel, and showing strength to move quickly and escape a difficult situation.

Speed. Action. Movement. Swift change. Hasty actions. Journey. Travel. Flight. Motion. End to a delay.

A card of action; swiftness. Rapid growth in a business or creative project. Conveys immediate information or action. News swiftly travelling. Because the suit of Ink Stamps relates to information, look for new communication and unexpected news. Depending on surrounding cards in the draw, may indicate the speed of these events.

Reversed Meaning: Delays. Frustration. Holding off.

This card advises the questioner not to baulk if swift action is required. Delays are only temporary, plan to work around them.

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