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Three of Wine Jugs

Book of Trades Tarot (Jost Amman 1588): Three of Wine Jugs

For the purposes of this divination, the suit of Wine Jugs corresponds to the suit of Coins, or the playing card suit of Diamonds. This suit represents the element Earth, and the social class of Merchants. Wine Jugs are considered a Feminine suit. Wine Jugs typically represent material wealth and possessions, the body and health, and the environment of the questioner.

The Threes typically concern action, production, creativity, early results, mastery, achievement, birth, or loss. They can represent groups, or "three's a crowd" situations. Three can also represent the synthesis of a thesis and antithesis.

Teamwork. Initial fulfilment. Collaboration. Learning.

Positive attributes of the Three of Wine Jugs in a spread include the mastery of a skill in trade or work, achieving perfection, artistic ability, and dignity through renown, rank, or power.

Reversed Meaning: Lack of teamwork. Disregard for skills.

Negative attributes of this card include a warning against sloppiness resulting in a lower quality outcome, a lack of skill, banal ideas, and preoccupation with off-task concerns.