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Book of Trades Tarot (Jost Amman 1588): Love

Love. Relationship. Union. Passion. Sexuality. Pleasure. Humanism. Desire. Personal beliefs. Individual values. Physical attraction. Connection. Affinity. Bonding. Romance. Heart. Choice. Temptation. Values alignment.

The Lovers or Love card represents relationships and choices. Its appearance in a spread may indicate the prospect of a new relationship or a choice of potential partners, or some decision about an existing relationship or a temptation of the heart. An aspect of the questioner's life may have to be sacrificed, such as a single lifestyle, in order to gain the relationship, or a choice of partner. The choice should not be made lightly as it will have long term ramifications. The Lovers are associated with Adam and Eve, and the impulse of temptation, curiosity, or sexual desire that drives us out of the Garden towards adulthood. The questioner is advised to examine their impulses and clarify them. The Lovers is also a reminder that we should treasure and respect our humanity and our feelings for each other.

Reversed Meaning: Disharmony. Imbalance. Misalignment of values. Doubt. Difficult decision. Dilemma.

This card can represent difficult decisions, doubt, discord, and imbalance in a relationship or a potential future relationship. It may represent advice to take a step back and reassess the worth of the relationship, or advice that the questioner should reassert themselves within the relationship or situation in order to regain balance.

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