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Book of Trades Tarot (Jost Amman 1588): Music

Music. Celebration. Joy. Dance. Abundance. Teamwork. Creativity. Overflowing happiness. Overflowing wealth.

The Music card represents celebration, joy, and abundance. Its appearance in a spread may indicate the prospect of a future celebration or a choice, if made correctly, that will lead to happiness and abundance. The Music card relies on the questioner being in harmony with their surroundings and companions. As in an orchestra or a band, the questioner must work as part of a team to contribute towards a final masterpiece. It may serve as a warning to play fairly, and not drown others out with the sound of your voice, but not let others drown you out either. Music is a reminder that we should enjoy ourselves and not let life pass us by while we work too hard.

Reversed Meaning: Discordance. Silence. Emptiness. A hollow life. Celebration without purpose. Shallow existence. Bacchanalia. Orgy. Drunkenness. Excesses. Vices. A lack of discernment. Hard work without joy.

This card can represent discordance or poor teamwork, as in a band playing out of time. It can represent silence, emptiness, or a hollow life, or a shallow existence of vices and excess, such as drunkenness, gambling, or a love of the limelight. It may also represent the adage, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," and be a reminder to slow down and enjoy life, as the questioner only lives once.