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Visconti-Sforza Tarot (Cary-Yale 1466): Hope

Hope. Optimism. Positivity.

The Hope card represents not the questioner's frame of mind, but the advice that the questioner should take on this frame of mind. Hope is essential to the questioner's wellbeing. It serves as advice that the future is a matter of perception, and it is truly bright, if only the questioner will allow themselves to see things as such – they must have the imagination to overcome their challenges, and keep Hope in their heart to guide them on the right path.

Reversed Meaning: Despair. False hope. Negativity. Pessimism. Silver lining.

Reversed, the Hope card is intended to comfort the questioner, because although times may seem hard, there is always hope for the future, and things will not stay the same forever. Every cloud has a silver lining, and one day the sun will shine again, even brighter than before.

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