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Lady of Wands

Visconti-Sforza Tarot (Cary-Yale 1466): Lady of Wands

Wands are also referred to as Staves, Staffs, or Batons. They correspond to the playing card suit of Clubs, and many early tarot decks depict this suit as wooden clubs. This suit represents the element Fire, and the social class of Peasantry. Wands are considered a Masculine suit. Wands typically represent creative or entrepreneurial projects, information, travel, and will - whether it be free will, or strength of willpower.

The Ladies typically concern youthful, independent, female adults. Unlike their male counterparts, the Knights, the Ladies are less inclined to impulsivity and overconfidence, and more inclined to educational pursuits and planning for the future. The Ladies are self-sufficient, self-assured young women who know their own power and their limits. They are ambitious and quest for academic knowledge and growth. They look towards building careers or dedicating their lives to the arts or sciences. They are typically less interested in fertility and procreation, and as such may also represent older women who have chosen positively not to be mothers in favour of other creative or scientific endeavours. They sometimes represent medicine, or life-changing sacrifices. They can represent important contributions to the world.

Energy. Creative passion. Adventure. Planning. Business ventures. Determination. Education. Foreign travel. Leader. Still waters run deep.

The Lady of Wands signifies travel and progress, new ideas and inventions. She looks forward, intelligent and knowledgeable, and yet ready to fight her own battles. She knows how to survive alone and prefers to be independent. She plans her battle strategies well, using her intelligence, because she cannot rely on brute strength. She is young but not foolhardy, and does not suffer from the impetuosity of her male counterparts. Though she may make mistakes, she learns quickly from them, and picks herself up again and gets back on the horse. She faces bigger challenges than the knights on the battlefield, but she also has the cunning to turn the tables on them. Many will underestimate her, based on her appearance. This is a mistake, she is far more capable than she seems, and must be allowed the freedom to prove herself.

Reversed Meaning: Underestimating the enemy. Plans in disarray. Social restrictions. Frustration. Overprotective friends or family.

Reversed, the Lady of Wands is prevented from battle by unfair restrictions placed on her by others. Alternately, she is underestimated by those who cannot see her true worth or abilities. Her plans are cast into disarray by others, or by her own naivety. She will grow and learn from her mistakes.