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Visconti-Sforza Tarot (Cary-Yale 1466): Faith

Faith. Religion. Belief. Self-belief. Self-assurance. Self-confidence.

The Faith card represents belief in others and belief in the self. It can indicate religion, or a religious experience, but may also indicate a faith in the rational or scientific. It advises the questioner to have faith in themselves and their beliefs, and to have faith in others too. The questioner is second-guessing themselves to their own detriment.

Reversed Meaning: False faith. False idols. Belief in untruths. Overconfidence. Misplaced trust.

Reversed, the Faith card indicates that the questioner is placing too much faith in something or someone who does not deserve their trust. The questioner is advised to step back and assess the situation rationally, without listening to their gut instincts, as their gut instincts may be wrong.