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The Papess

Soprafino Genoves Tarot (Fratelli Armanino 1887): The Papess

Knowingness. Love. Relationships. Wisdom. Sound judgment. Serenity. Common sense. Intuition. Mystical vision. Introspection. Otherworldliness. Higher powers. Mystery. Subconscious mind.

The High Priestess, known amongst older tarots as the Papess, or female pope, is associated with a legendary figure from the Middle Ages, Pope Joan, who was elected to the Papacy and only discovered as female after she gave birth. The High Priestess is an extremely well-learned, intelligent woman. She is independent, wise, and serene. She is sensible and intuitive. This card is associated with female power, secrets, and mystery. This card often appears in relation to secrets, both keeping secrets, and revealing the truth. It may represent powerful feminine influences, a perfect woman, or a woman independent of men.

Reversed Meaning: Hidden agendas. Need to listen to inner voice.

This card can represent hidden agendas or warn the questioner that they need to listen to their inner voice.