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Soprafino Genoves Tarot (Fratelli Armanino 1887): Temperance

Temperance. Harmony. Balance. Health. Moderation. Joining forces. Wellbeing. Recovery. Equilibrium. Transcendence. Unification. Healing. Synthesis. Bringing together opposites. Feeling secure. Patience. Purpose. Meaning.

The Temperance card is often depicted as an individual pouring water or wine from one vessel to another. Temperance is usually female or androgynous, and frequently has wings. Temperance means moderation, and suggests to the questioner that moderation is required in some aspect of life. It can be interpreted as a need to bring balance to the questioner's life, or as a reminder that a compromise between two seemingly incompatible options is often the best option. In addition to this literal meaning, Temperance can also be interpreted as symbolising the blending or synthesis of opposites.

Reversed Meaning: Imbalance. Excess. Lack of long-term vision.

This card can serve as a warning that imbalance and excess are present in the questioner's life. The advice to the questioner is to moderate extremes. It may also be interpreted as a lack of long-term vision, or obsession, in which case the questioner needs to take a step back from their situation and reassess themselves.