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The Chariot

Soprafino Genoves Tarot (Fratelli Armanino 1887): The Chariot

Conquest. Honour. Victory. Energy. Egocentrism. Self-confidence. Conviction. Anxiety. Willpower. Self assertion. Hard control. Discipline. Inflexibility. Success. Wealth. Recognition. Impulsivity. Command. Bravery. Pride. Control. Will power. Determination.

The Chariot, also known as The Centurion, or Victory, represents battle, victory, honour, energy, success, discipline, and control. It represents a battle that can be won if the questioner has the willpower. The battle is usually external, and can be won if the questioner has a clear goal and a plan of action, and if they have the necessary qualities of self-reliance, righteousness, conviction, and hard work. It can also signify, literally, a vehicle or travel of some kind.

Reversed Meaning: Lack of control and direction. Aggression.

This card can signify a ruthless desire to win at any cost, it may signify aggression or a war-like spirit. It may also signify disorganisation, lack of control and direction, as in a badly disciplined army. The questioner may be in danger of losing their battle due to poor organisation and lack of control. It can also signify a broken vehicle or cancelled travel plans.

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