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Ace of Wands

Soprafino Tarot (Carlo Della Rocca 1835): Ace of Wands

Wands are also referred to as Staves, Staffs, or Batons. They correspond to the playing card suit of Clubs, and many early tarot decks depict this suit as wooden clubs. This suit represents the element Fire, and the social class of Peasantry. Wands are considered a Masculine suit. Wands typically represent creative or entrepreneurial projects, information, travel, and will - whether it be free will, or strength of willpower.

The Aces typically concern beginnings. They may represent something new that is coming or being offered, conception, inspiration and new ideas, or the start of something bigger.

Inspiration. Power. Creation. Potential. Birth. Commencement. Creativity. Inventiveness. New beginnings.

Fiery and creative, the Ace of Wands speaks of new energy and ambition. This tarot card means that actions are more important than words. Ideas are not enough. It takes hard work and perseverance to take something from a thought to a reality. The heady optimism and ambition of this card can make any dream come true. A new creative project may be on the way, an upturn in health, or new knowledge, information, or a message.

Reversed Meaning: Delays. Lack of motivation. Weighed down.

The urge to change and develop is present but is being constrained by circumstances. You may be frustrated and impatient, or blocked creatively or delayed by circumstance. Relationships may be subject to misunderstandings, or a conception may be delayed. Remember that this is a temporary influence, but also patiently examine your role in what is occurring. Set your frustrations aside start to work with the intention of making lasting changes.