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The Sun

Soprafino Tarot (Carlo Della Rocca 1835): The Sun

Optimism. Expansion. Being radiant. Positive feelings. Enlightenment. Vitality. Innocence. Uncritical. Assurance. Energy. Personal power. Happiness. Splendour. Brilliance. Joy. Enthusiasm. Fun. Warmth. Success.

The Sun is considered the most positive card in the tarot deck. It is associated with the sun-god Apollo, and his innocent joy and vitality. It is an uncritical card that can represent self-assurance, success, expansion, and personal power. It is an optimistic card, reflecting happiness, contentment, splendour, brilliance, enthusiasm, warmth and fun. It represents good things and positive outcomes to current struggles.

Reversed Meaning: Temporary depression. Lack of success.

This card can represent a temporary depression or a lack of success on a project. The advice of this card is to stay strong, because the situation is only temporary, and you will soon be on the right track again.