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The World

Visconti-Sforza Tarot (Pierpont-Morgan Bergamo 1451): The World

Fulfilment. Accomplishment. Success. Integration. Involvement. Prospering. Satisfaction. Repletion. Contentment. Good feelings. Wholeness. Completion. Travel.

The World represents a positive ending. It represents completeness and a closeness to the cosmic consciousness as in enlightenment. The World is a card of fulfilment, accomplishment, repletion, and prosperity. The questioner feels successful, involved, and satisfied. They may have found true contentment. It may represent what is truly desired by the questioner. It may also represent travel in the questioner's life.

Reversed Meaning: Lack of completion. Lack of closure.

This card can represent a lack of completion in the questioner's life, or a lack of closure in a situation that still haunts the questioner.