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The Hanged Man

Rider Waite (Pamela Colman Smith 1909): The Hanged Man

Sacrifice. Letting go. Surrendering. Passivity. Suspension. Acceptance. Renunciation. Patience. New point of view. Contemplation. Inner harmony. Conformism. Non-action. Waiting. Giving up. Restriction.

The Hanged Man, known in historical decks as The Traitor, is usually depicted as hanging from a tree branch by one foot. He is sometimes interpreted as Odin, the Norse god who hung from the World Tree for nine days to earn the knowledge of the Runes. In the oldest tarot decks, he was considered a criminal or an outlaw. The Hanged Man is therefore an ambiguous card with an ambiguous history. Modern interpretation usually considers The Hanged man to be a symbol of sacrifice. He may advise the questioner to surrender, be passive, patient, and wait. He may also suggest letting go, surrendering, or giving up.

Reversed Meaning: Martyrdom. Indecision. Delay.

This card can mean martyrdom, indecision, or delay. He can serve as a warning to the questioner not to martyr themselves, or to prepare themselves for unavoidable delay and indecision.

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