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Seven of Swords

Rider Waite (Pamela Colman Smith 1909): Seven of Swords

Swords were typically depicted with curved blades in ancient tarot decks to distinguish them from staves. They correspond to the playing card suit of Spades, (in Italian, spada means sword). This suit represents the element Air, and the social classes of Nobility and Military. Swords are considered a Masculine suit. Swords typically represent intellect, reason, mental clarity, and the sciences. They may also represent conflicts surrounding the questioner.

The Sevens typically concern commitment, dreams, striving, courage, will, intelligence, perseverance, strength, long-term success, coping, resistance, and transcendence. Sevens may also represent self-delusion, temptation, and wishful thinking.

Betrayal. Deception. Getting away with something. Stealth.

The Seven of Swords means to use your wits for diplomacy and not to use aggression. It can be viewed as secret planning or hidden dishonour. The questioner's acts may be legitimate, however, they may prefer to use their mind and intellect rather than use force. It may also indicate a betrayal by a companion.

Reversed Meaning: Mental challenges. Breaking free.

This card can mean excess use of intellect with little success on an outcome. It may also mean that the questioner has broken free from an intellectual trap or a problem that mentally constrained them.

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