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The Moon

Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal 1701): The Moon

Lack of clarity. Tension. Doubt. Fantasy. Deception. Psychological conflict. Obscured vision. Confusion. Illusion. Fear. Imagination. Worry. Romanticism. Anxiety. Apprehension. Unrealistic ideas. Illusion. Insecurity. Subconscious.

The Moon card is an ambiguous and mysterious card. It represents the life of the imagination. The Moon's light is a reflection of the true light of the sun, and in that light our perceptions can be distorted. Fears can grow to unnatural sizes in the shadows, or we may see beauty without detailed flaws revealed by the daylight. The Moon can represent obscured vision, confusion, worry, imagination, and apprehension. The Moon also represents the world of sleep – both our dreams and nightmares. It may represent fantasy, romanticism, unrealistic ideas, illusion, and our subconscious. More literally, it can represent sleep itself, femininity, or the creative arts, or even psychic powers. It can also represent a feeling of the surreal, or being plagued by self-doubt.

Reversed Meaning: Release from fear. Unhappiness. Confusion.

This card can represent a release from fear and self-doubt, or a veil lifting from the vision. It may also represent unhappiness in the questioner's life, an inability to dream or use the imagination, or confusion without the magical qualities of the moon.