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Page of Coins

Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal 1701): Page of Coins

Coins are also referred to as pentacles and may be represented by a five pointed star in a circle, or a coin decorated with a five pointed star. They correspond to the playing card suit of Diamonds. This suit represents the element Earth, and the social class of Merchants. Coins are considered a Feminine suit. Coins typically represent material wealth and possessions, the body and health, and the environment of the questioner.

The Pages typically concern children. They may represent innocence and playfulness, novices, amateurs, and young students, learning, naivety, and youth.

Manifestation. Financial opportunity. New job.

Often used to represent a young person, this card can mean a change in your line of work and/or taking on more responsibility. Primarily, this is the card for students at the beginning of a career path.

Reversed Meaning: Lack of progress and planning. Short-term focus.

This card can be a warning to stay focussed on the bigger picture and pursue longer-term goals rather than allow yourself to be distracted by short-lived opportunities.