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Nine of Swords

Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal 1701): Nine of Swords

Swords were typically depicted with curved blades in ancient tarot decks to distinguish them from staves. They correspond to the playing card suit of Spades, (in Italian, spada means sword). This suit represents the element Air, and the social classes of Nobility and Military. Swords are considered a Masculine suit. Swords typically represent intellect, reason, mental clarity, and the sciences. They may also represent conflicts surrounding the questioner.

The Nines typically concern completion, perfection, the end of a cycle, independence, self-reliance, inner strength, and satisfaction. Nines can also represent defensiveness, an inability to give and take, loss, and martyrdom.

Depression. Nightmares. Intense anxiety. Despair.

This card can mean deception, premonitions and bad dreams, suffering and depression, cruelty, disappointment, violence, loss and scandal. However, all of these may be overcome through faith and calculated inaction. This is the card of the martyr and with it comes new life out of suffering. This card can also represent being plagued by fear, guilt, doubt, and worries that are to a large extent, unfounded. The chances are that the questioner or the person represented is dealing with a problematic situation or a difficult decision, but their worst fear is unlikely to materialize.

Reversed Meaning: Hopelessness. Severe depression. Torment. Imagined fears.

This card can be about real or imagined doubts or pain, just as dreams can be about real or imagined parts of our life. It can mean distrust, suspicion, despair, misery or malice. It may even mean total isolation away from comfort and help, such as institutionalisation, suicide, imprisonment and isolation. In a generally positive spread, this card can also indicate that the nightmare may be ending. It can actually be a hopeful card, counselling faith in the future and the promise of better days ahead.