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The Hermit

Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal 1701): The Hermit

Introspection. Silence. Guidance. Reflection. Solitude. Looking inward. Reclusion. Being quiet. Inner search. Deep understanding. Isolation. Distance. Retreat. Philosophical attitude. Soul-searching. Being alone. Inner guidance.

The Hermit represents a learned individual, in some ways the opposite of The Fool, he has been on his life story and learned the lessons of the world, and now he has withdrawn into a period of quiet reflection, solitude, and introspection. The Hermit can represent an inner search or a thought process, soul-searching, or a quest for inner guidance. The Hermit can also represent an old man or woman, an almost fairy tale figure, metaphorically or literally, who gives us the insights or knowledge we need to face our challenges. In some ways The Hermit also represents a threshold guardian that the questioner must overcome to move onwards.

Reversed Meaning: Isolation. Loneliness. Withdrawal.

This card can represent isolation, loneliness, and withdrawal without real insight or advancement. It can represent a dangerous or harmful retreat from the world, which holds back individual growth instead of furthering it. The retreat may be because the questioner is afraid, or because the temptation to withdraw is too great.