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Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal 1701): Justice

Impartiality. Distance. Coldness. Justice. Objective mind. Criticism. Being clever. Insensitivity. Decision. Intellect. Analysis. Realism. Severity. Responsibility. Rationality. Clear vision. Logic and reason. Fairness. Truth. Cause and effect. Law.

Justice is frequently associated with the goddess Athena. Justice mediates morality, law, and duty. She is the impartial judge who must maintain distance between two conflicting parties. She may seem cold and insensitive to observers, but this is because she must maintain her objectivity and reason, and not let emotions interfere in her judgements. She may also represent cause and effect, decisions, and the truth. She should be taken as a stern reminder that the deeds of the past form the foundation for events in the present and future. If past guilt presses on your conscience, you may be asked to answer for your deeds. She may appear to warn you that she will meet you again if you continue on your current path, for better or worse.

Reversed Meaning: Unfairness. Lack of accountability. Dishonesty.

This card may represent a failure of justice, dishonesty, a lack of accountability, or a life out of balance. It may indicate that an injustice needs righting, and advise the questioner to work towards that goal.