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Four of Cups

Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal 1701): Four of Cups

Cups are also referred to as chalices and may be represented by religious grails or goblets. They correspond to the playing card suit of Hearts. This suit represents the element Water, and the social class of Clergy. Cups are considered a Feminine suit. Cups typically represent emotions, love, and spiritual beliefs.

The Fours typically concern consolidation, stability, peacefulness, harmony, completion, perfection, and family. Four can also represent not sharing, selfishness, cliques, self-involvement, and a lack of concern or acknowledgment of others.

Meditation. Contemplation. Apathy. Re-evaluation.

The Four of Cups represents a period of self-reflection and inaction and/or quiet deliberation or contemplation. It can indicate stability or completeness, but can also indicate that the questioner is trapped or locked in. The questioner is advised to open themselves to new possibilities.

Reversed Meaning: Boredom. Missed opportunity. Being aloof.

This card can indicate stagnation or a feeling of being bored or trapped. The questioner may also be being pushed into a bad situation or forced to do something that seems undesirable to them. This card can also predict that the questioner might have to undergo a time of tribulation and/or force him to self-reflect or self-sacrifice.