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Two of Wands

Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal 1701): Two of Wands

Wands are also referred to as Staves, Staffs, or Batons. They correspond to the playing card suit of Clubs, and many early tarot decks depict this suit as wooden clubs. This suit represents the element Fire, and the social class of Peasantry. Wands are considered a Masculine suit. Wands typically represent creative or entrepreneurial projects, information, travel, and will - whether it be free will, or strength of willpower.

The Twos typically concern couples, polarity, duality, gestation, partnerships, unions, and balancing or opposing forces. They can signify a thesis and antithesis.

Future planning. Progress. Decisions. Discovery. Achievement. Anxiety. Gain. Goals. Partnership.

The Two of Wands card can mean courage and daring. It has the message of striking out on a new journey, path, or creative project, particularly with a partner. Perhaps a new business venture, or even a proposal. The time is right to be bold and creative. If you are in a moment of doubt, this card tells you to make your move. You have the power in your hands; now is the time to find courage to use it.

Reversed Meaning: Fear of unknown. Lack of planning.

This is advice to plan your venture well, and to hold firm and control your fears and anxieties. Have the courage of your convictions, and all will be well.