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The Fool

Marseille Tarot (Jean Dodal 1701): The Fool

Innocence. Beginnings. Simplicity. Fresh start. Blind faith. Joker. Spontaneity. A free spirit.

The Fool is a spirit in search of experience. He is the tarot deck's Joker. Represented by the number zero, he is empty and in need of that experience. This is a card of beginnings, and he represents childlike innocence. His innocence is regarded as a divine wisdom. The fool can be interpreted as the protagonist of a journey of experience, known as "The Fool's Journey" in tarot. When the Fool appears in a spread, it is a signal to strip everything down to its irreducible core.

Reversed Meaning: Naivety. Foolishness. Recklessness. Risk-taking.

The Fool can represent dangerous naivety or foolishness, and can serve as a warning to the questioner that a change is coming or that the questioner needs to strip away whatever is obscuring their inner vision.